The New Silk Road project is dedicated to promoting evidence research and education on national and international efforts to improve the infrastructure and connectivity among the countries of Asia and Europe. It brings together over 750 teachers and researchers from a wide range of disciplines and working in over 80 countries. Membership is open to all.

Books and Projects

The New Silk Roads has its own series of peer-reviewed books published under the auspices of the IIAS. The books are intended to be innovative, comparative, interdisciplinary or international (preferably all of these) but, especially, they are intended to be relatively inexpensive and accessible. Research projects are undertaken by IIAS staff and fellows, individually or in cooperation with other researchers or research institutes.

May, 2007
This is one of the first books in the English language to analyse the background of China’s Belt and Road initiative. 
May, 2019
Announced in 2013 China’s Belt and Road attracted both admiration and approbation. 
May, 2020
The Maritime Silk Road is the least studied component of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 
Expected SEP. 2020
This edited volume examines the dangers that infrastructural development in Eurasia, from whatever source,
It has been five years since the ‘Vison and Action Plan’ revealed the scope and ambition of China’s Belt and Road initiative
The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is the deepest and closest of the bilateral Belt and Road relationships that China has initiated.


The New Silk Roads project is producing short podcasts and videos for use in teaching and in stimulating wider debate. It has four series devoted to the history of the silk road, the background and debates surrounding China’s Belt and Road initiative and two series devoted separately to the developments along the overland and maritime routes connecting Asia and Europe.

Silk Road Histories:
SRH series

Highlights the developments of land and seaborne trade and connectivity between Asia and Europe over the past four thousand years

China’s Belt and Road: BRI series

Examines the policies of China’s Belt and Road initiative, as well as those of other countries, and the reaction to them

New Silk Roads (overland): NSR series

Explores the overland developments in trade and infrastructure on the Eurasian land-mass between China and Europe

Maritime Silk Road : MSR series

Analyses developments in trade and shipping on the trade routes between Asia and Europe, and the supply-lines feeding into these


The electronic libraries offer instant access to hundreds of free on-line reports and resources. They are designed for the use by teachers and by students looking for inspiration for essays and theses. The largest library covers China’s Belt and Road initiative and the reactions to it. Other library collections are devoted to the maritime silk road, the digital silk road and the Arctic silk road.


The New Silk Roads project encourages its far-flung network of teachers to turn distance to advantage and to collaborate in finding innovative ways to teach their courses. This section includes several ‘how to’ videos to help students prepare assignments and applications